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First Animation~!
so i get bored..and i had nothing to do just to make my first animation...yay~!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] ....yeaaah...sorry for the details..i'm stuck in using the god damn..mouse..Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 

PB,art by meh~!
Pen CHALLENGE by denisa34
SOOOO... i stole my uncle's phone for 5 minutes to take a pic with this lil devil...damn finally!

Challenged by :iconfoxaldor:

PB,Art by me~!

-Make a drawing with only a pen, no drawingboad ereaser or sketch pencil. 
-Tagg 3 to t5 people for the challenge.

The buddyies i'll challenge~(sorry if ya don't like~) : :icondivernberg: :iconthe-cutecat: :iconblackroses4356:
Proxy High Students ID-PB by denisa34
Proxy High Students ID-PB
My tablet can't be repaired anymore so i'll sell the tracks to buy a new one ..until then i have to do ALL FUCKING WORK WITH A MOUSE!!....geez hope that tablet has arrived in hell cause she was a BITCH!!

kay now let start :

Unmasked (stable) ID: Unmasked PD ID

ID for :iconproxyhigh:

Nick Name: Pencil Blade

Real name: dosen't remember

Age: 17

Day of Birth: August 31th.

Height: 5'6

Class: Yellow

Notable Features:
-Bandages all over her body
-She can stand without her mask for a short time..but  her body and self control are unstable if she's in a public location or feels threatened  the "virus" is actived for her protection(tha's rarely happens) with the mission to destroy or eat every thing that moves
-Long black hair
-Almost withe skin but still a little of her natural color
-Full of scars
-58% animal
-Mouth/Nose bleeding (everyday)
-Starts acting like a jerk when she's getting bored

Weapon of choices: Brushy(the bore),Pencils,her hands,teeth

Bullet; Black Personal Background

Likes/Loves: Video
,To draw,Animals,Cheese cake,
Torture People,Nature,Pencils,To make friends,Horrible and macabre things,Blue,Wearing opposite sex clothes,Being weird,scare the shit out of others,Sweets,FLUFFY THINGS!

Dislikes/Hates: Loud Noises,Children,Sun,To Take Off Her Mask,Ofenderman,Spiders,Traitors,Small spaces,God,Christians,Bible,Being judged,The thing that everyone says:GOD CREATED THE WORLD PB: JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL CREATE YOU A DICK IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!

Personality: Three words:Quiet,Loyal,Aggressive. She's extremely annoying quiet some of creppypasta members are feel sometimes intimidated by her presence.DO NOT TRY to take her hood or mask of she will attack without question.She is incredibly loyal if any person manages to gain her trust.She really hates couples they are so happy and in love that make her want to vomit. She kill without reason, and she will attack if provoked. Think of a wild animal, but it can understand you like any other person.She whas a sweetheart at her core, but after more pain and hate in her life she’s lost touch..She became a heartless criminal..but still nice with nice proxies.She don't have a verry nice language when she's angry.

Status: single

S.O. : Straight

Short History: (really!? im terrible at this! TT^TT)
You'll find here PencilBlade Interview nr 31.!!!

Bullet; Black Abilities:

Skills and strengths:

erging with shadows,
-Night Vision
an smell someone's tasty heart from 50km distance,
-Very fast and nimble
-She can scale trees and uneven walls with some ease


-Deep water
-Small spaces
-Blind People
-Cute things(i mean VERRRY CUTE THINGS)

:iconproxyhigh: (c) 


PB  (c) 


I'm OPEN for RPs! (cause i love roleplaying! xD)
Smile for us fucker! by denisa34
Smile for us fucker!
This is an fanart for my buddy!! :
PB belongs to ME
Smiley belongs to:




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First Animation~! by denisa34
I can make lil gonna take some days so don't rush meh!
Please send your details about what ya want in notes >u<



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denisa34 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome~!
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I have made the drawing transparent! You can use it now xD
Sorry it took so long ;A;
denisa34 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
okay~! yay~! i'm going to start af fast as i can~!!! >3<
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I'm sorry if it looks bad ;A;
[Collab] Noiz in a wedding dress 
Kannibalismus Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fave! :meow:
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